Poker rules – concise and clear rules and hands of any poker kind

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Rules of popular poker games

It doesn’t matter if you’re a poker fan or just getting started to play it, poker rules should be known by everyone who joins the game. And constant repetition of rules will so firmly settle them in your mind that your concentration will be fully focused on winning the game.

Brief but important basic poker rules

This’s something you need to learn and never forget if you want to play well. Following basic rules of poker apply to any type of the game:

  1. The most important thing is to learn combinations. This will immediately increase your chances of winning.
  2. Fold your bad hands without hesitation.
  3. Learn to bluff. This’s a very important quality in poker.
  4. Always stick to a strategy.
  5. Train on free website.

These’re basic poker rules and hands you need to learn. Without it, your poker game will be unsuccessful and won’t bring a desired result.

Rules of other poker types

Each type of poker has its own differences. And they should not be confused, otherwise, you can lose your money.

We don’t recommend studying different types of rules together. This may confuse you. Start with one type that you like more. Become a professional in it. And if you are satiated with it, go to another one.

Texas Holdem poker rules

It’s the most popular type. This type of poker is often referred to when it’s offered to play.

At very beginning of the game, before cards are dealt, two players place small blind (to left of dealer) and big blind (to the left of the player with small blind). These are forced bets that start the game.

Then, each player receives two closed cards. And 5 cards are laid out on a table, three of them face down. With a new circle, a new map is opened.

Each Texas Holdem game has three betting circles. Here you can bluff, raise a bet, drop a hand, or skip a move when stakes are even.

Texas Holdem poker rules are easy. The game requires more strategic actions from you.


Each player receives four cards. There’re 5 cards on a table, as in Texas Holdem.

You should have two hands: upper and lower. In upper hand, it’s better to collect strong cards that will be included in the main combination. And at bottom, it’s better to always keep a couple to have a spare option.

Combinations and rules of Omaha are similar to rules of poker and combinations of Texas Holdem.

3 and 5 card poker

Beginning of the game is Ante. This’s a bet that each player must make to enter a round.

Difference of 5 card and 3 card poker rules from other types – cards are dealt only in private. Players don’t see each other’s cards.

Players can exchange closed cards up to three times. You can change any cards number.

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