Video poker slots online: what are the best games to play?

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Video poker: a brief guide on game types and tips how to win

Video poker is a popular online game where you can get money for card combinations. It has simple rules and a very fast flow. You can play dozens of hands in just 10 minutes. Lets find out what are the most popular video poker games and learn what slots deliver the best payouts.

How to play video poker?

Any game of this type is a kind of slot machines. You just try to get card combinations instead of symbols on the lines. There is no dealer or community cards. You get all your 5 cards after you’ve made your bet and pressed “Deal”.

The best feature of classic video poker slots is that you can swap the cards you don’t need and hold the ones you do. This usually has a huge influence on the final result of the round. After the cards are changed, you whether get your reward or lose the bet, in case there are no winning combinations in your hand. Note that such poker games usually have the ranking that is slightly different from conventional one.

What are the best games to play?

There are more than 20 video poker types you can find on the web. Here are the most popular games:

  • Jacks or Better;
  • Deuces Wild:
  • Bonus Poker:
  • Double Bonus Poker;
  • Joker Poker;
  • Pick’em Poker etc.

On of the best things in most these games is that they have very low house edge. In fact, some of them have this ratio less than zero, which means the house doesn’t make money on such slots in long term. For example, Joker Poker has 100,65% Return to Player rate. Hence, the house edge is – 0.65%.

Still, there is one more crucial thing about this game type except RTP and house edge. It’s payouts, of course. Your reward depends on the combinations available, their ranking and the bet you’ve made. It’s up to you what slot to choose but note that games with wild cards usually offer way smaller prizes. Still, these video pokers also offer better chances to get at least basic card combination.

How to win playing video poker?

Most poker slots are definitely gambler-friendly in terms of RTP and house edge. Still, there are few more things you should know to get better wins:

  1. Always use maximum 5 coin bet. It’s the only wager that can offer really high payouts.
  2. Choose slots with the best possible RTP;
  3. Don’t swap Pair or Three of a Kind.
  4. Go for Straight or Flush when only 1 card is missing in combination.
  5. Wild pokers usually offer rather small payouts.

At last, it’s crucial to find a good casino to play free video poker. Make sure it’s licensed by industry authorities and has a decent number of slots in its game hall. It’ll also be wise to look through users’ feedback and reviews before choosing a website for gambling.

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